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The New “Subscriber” is a Click-Bait Addict – But There’s a Way to Turn it All Around

This post originally appeared on the Umbel blog. The Umbel Marketing team had a major role in editing, redrafting, and refining the original content. 

In my never ending quest for zero inbox, I find myself unsubscribing from quite a few emails. Whether they land in my primary, social or promotions folders in Gmail, I receive way more junk than I would like – even including Google’s built-in spam filter, which has gotten much better over the years.

To be honest, the only emails I actually want to receive are updates about my Amazon orders, the Crunchbase daily newsletter about startup funding, and a few miscellaneous business-related newsletters within the Austin area. I get the remainder of my content –New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Quibb, Google News – by subscribing.

Of course, I don’t mean “subscribing” in the old school sense or even in the way most of us think about subscribing now. I don’t receive a paper on my doorstep every morning, nor do I receive newsletters from any of these publications.

Instead, I vote with my mouse.

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